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      TikTok Download Performance


    Did you know that TikTok delivers a 30% higher paid media ROAS on average vs all digital media? Additionally, 63% of TikTok users are inclined to watch an ad – more so than on any other platform. Because our community are more engaged with ads they see on the platform, ads on TikTok can outperform benchmarks whatever the advertising objective – from lead-gen to conversions. In this next iteration of TikTok Download, see why TikTok delivers as a performance channel, understand how our newest ad products and e-commerce solutions are driving conversions, and understand how to activate within our self-service platform, TikTok Ads Manager.


    • Introduction and Welcome to TikTok Download Performance
    • The Power of TikTok
    • Ads Manager in Action
    • Creating for TikTok

    Full program here.