#RETAIL – Winning the hearths and minds of consumers – By bazaarvoice

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    mer 6 Avr 22 @ 10:00 – jeu 7 Avr 22 @ 18:00
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    Winning the hearths and minds of consumers

    The retail industry is as strong as ever. And consumers hold the power like never before. They decide how a brand is perceived, and the risk of  boycott in today’s cancel culture is very real. The dramatic power shift to customers has led to heightened actions and vocalizing for authenticity, improved experiences, and above all, for consumers to feel heard.

    So, how do you win the hearts and minds of consumers ? Join us for the Bazaarvoice Summit, a two-day virtual event for retailers and brands of all sizes, and learn how to create the experiences customers crave from some of the brightest minds in retail.


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