#INNOVATIONS – Future Intelligence – By ABE




    FUTURE INTELLIGENCE, is the new event dedicated to artificial intelligence and data.
    During 3 days, explore the latest trends of this constantly evolving sector and meet with experts and forward-thinking leaders. From fundamental research to practical applications, find the solutions for a smooth digital transformation. FUTURE INTELLIGENCE follows in the steps of DATA DAYS, the 2019 premier business convention for the application of big data in the aerospace industry. The same year, a broad collaboration initiated by leading entities in the industry decided to go one step further by including a strong focus on AI which led to the creation of FUTURE INTELLIGENCE.


    • French and EU Approach Towards Regulation and Development
      of AI Technologies
    • Artificial Intelligence for Health
    • Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
    • Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence
    • Artificial Intelligence, National Defence, Sovereignty Issues
    • AI & Space

    Full program here.