#TECHNOLOGIES – International JavaScript Conference 21 – By S&S MEDIA GROUP

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    lun 19 Avr 21 @ 9:00 – jeu 22 Avr 21 @ 17:00
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    From 539£ to 881£
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    S&S Media GmbH · GitHubInternational JavaScript Conference 21




    The JavaScript world is constantly evolving and there’s something new to learn every day. We at International JavaScript Conference want you to be a part of that change and stay on top of the latest trends. From Angular and React to WebAssembly; from Progressive Web Apps to JAMstack – international experts share insights on the present and future JavaScript. Join us to broaden your knowledge and network with other JS enthusiasts.


    • JavaScript ecosystem
    • Angular
    • Life after Redux
    • Fast Web Applications
    • Dark Patterns in UX

    Full program here.