Knowledge 2021

    Knowledge 2021 is a digital conference for technical experts, business leaders, and other professionals who want to take work to the next level. The event will showcase how global organizations are using digital workflows to grow their business, become more resilient, and reshape their industries. During the Knowledge 2021 event business leaders and stakeholders can gain first-hand experience of the latest digital workflow best practices and solutions. Connect to insights from ServiceNow leaders and industry experts and create new possibilities with over 200 free sessions.


    • Keynotes : Hear from digital leaders, partners, and forward thinkers 
    • Breakout sessions : Choose from hundreds of sessions. Learn how other customers and partners use workflows to transform their business
    • Think Big : Dive deep. Learn from industry experts and ServiceNow leaders tackling future-focused topics
    • Ask the expert : Maximize your Now Platform skills with 30-minute in-depth and interactive discussions between creators like you and ServiceNow experts
    • Quebec : Accelerate innovation, increase agility, and enhance productivity with the Now Platform Quebec release