#TECHNOLOGIES – Understand, verify, and act on the security of your Kubernetes clusters – By Scaleway


    Understand, verify, and act on the security of your Kubernetes clusters –



    Hello everyone and welcome on board to our new webinar!

    Understanding the complex interactions inside a Kubernetes cluster is not easy. It requires detailed knowledge about cluster management, container security, pod settings, network interface, port mapping, privileges and more. It is possible to demystify this subject and understand the basics from the cluster itself to the application visible for an end-user.

    Managing security in a Kubernetes cluster is a high-stakes challenge for both Cloud Providers and their customers. They share responsibilities across the CSP, DevOps, Developer teams, partners and more.

    These groups have their own responsibilities to help protect the cluster, the applications running inside and the data stored there. Despite the risks, we often consider security as a never ending struggle, requiring specific skills and knowledge. We don’t often acknowledge that everyone has to do their part and collaborate to ensure the highest possible levels of security.

    In this talk, Scaleway’s Kubernetes Product Manager will highlight the main security concerns for Kubernetes users, and provide simple guidelines so that it’s easier than ever to manage your production environments safely, efficiently and with peace of mind.

    See you soon to learn more about Kubernetes cluster!