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Digital Disruption and the New Digital Disruptors

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Discussion Topics :

  • Different types of disruption and strategies for surviving and thriving
  • How to tell whether a new technology is a feature, fad or disruption, and plan strategies accordingly
  • How to cultivate the three disciplines of recognition, prioritization and reaction to create a practical approach to correctly positioning features, fads and disruption in your enterprise

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We constantly face new technologies and business models — or new ways to apply existing technologies and business models. There are numerous examples of how new entrants have disrupted existing markets and wreaked havoc on established businesses. Digital business is often a common component of many of these disruptions. Some new entrants are not true disruptions, but rather features or fads. A fundamental shift is what defines a disruption, and it can alter the very core of value generation in many ways, some directly and many secondarily. The ability to discern between fads, features and true disruptions is becoming critical as the rate of new technologies and vendors continues to increase. The main challenge to manage disruption is to recognize, prioritize and respond appropriately.

Hosted by:

David Mitchell Smith

VP & Gartner Fellow

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